Thanks for using firstfoot, techzone or its branded services for your IT products and services.  sometime there is chance that payment need to be refunded to to certain reason like service not need to rendered, Product not as per expectation or any technical or legal reason whatsoever. in the connection of those we have a well document payment refund and cancelation policy as below.
Cancel and Refund Terms
Since this is a service based solution for you, so there is no refund in standard case and you cannot claim the chargeback after services.
Project cancelation - in the event of project , software application is get canceled due to any reason by client or ticket and trip cancelation , you are eligible for the refund of your amount in full and part  as per the terms of services and agreement.  The refund will be processed directly from company and it can be on any of these manners.

Refund on Same Account - Refund will be directly processed after deduction of mandatory fee and minimum amount as per agreement terms from payment gateway link itself , the time to reflect the refund will be 5 to 7 working days  for it.

Refund on Customer Account - After mandatory laps of time period of 3 days for refund process if refund request rise, the payment will be transferred to customer provided account information and this will take 7 to 10 working  days for the refund to process after mandatory deduction of the fee etc.

Right of reject

Firstfoot is full authorised to cancel any project  / software development request / Web or mobile app development services without any reason to customer before start of the project. In the event of such cancelation , the refund of advance will be sole discretion of the company and by accepting the booking you are accepting the right of rejection as well.

There is many reason behind the cancelation that includes but not limited to, non-availability of team or resources to executive your projects on time,  in certain technical project that required very advance of other kind of resources that is not available with us, the earlier price acceptance and the  acceleration of cost due to any reason, Natural disaster in the area of services or our office location , operation team not find customer appropriate for the services,  suspect illegal use of services or business objective,  Objectionable Business plan that is threat for any of our existing client, the purpose of use not match from booking request etc.
Software project  Cancelation Terms( applied for all services )
  • 15 Days Before start of Project - 100% Refundable after deduction of 20% SRS reporting fee 
  • After start of project in Mid-terms - no refund will be provided once project get started
  • GST Reporting time - NO refund will be provided once the Invoice submitted to GST portal

Firstfoot is a marketplace and business with intangible products and services and in most of the case the return not applicable. any change of plan or design etc can be done and that is on one to one basis only and not applicable.
All services of firstfoot interactive private limited is service based hence no shipping required, However in the case of hardware sale like server, laptop, Mobile Handsets, Mobile accessories or any other products the shipping will be done as per plan of shipment and pre informed to customer on that as necessary. 

Contact Us
If you have any questions on how to use our services or want to make any valid claim about your refund please write to us below.

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